The Ultimate Stag Experience

What is a Comedy Roast...

The perfect event where an individual or group is subjected to a public (often humorously torturous) tirade of comedy insults, praise, tributes, with a heady mix of true & sometimes slightly untrue stories.

The Roastee has to be able to have a laugh at themselves (they will need to) as the joke will be on him or her. The real enjoyment is for the audience & good friends who supplied all the information to our experienced comedian.

A Comedy Roasting is a great honour. The Roastee will be surrounded by close friends & family, old and new. A roasting is a true sign of genuine affection & as with all banter......No-One is safe; every member of the audience will have to keep one eye open as they may well get a little of their own medicine during the course of the event.