The Ultimate Bespoke Stag Event available throughout the UK
Great fun for everyone, as long as you have a sense of humor

Stag Groups - Make Your Stag The STAR of his own show

Ultimate Stag Banter ! A Comedy Roast, without doubt the most awesome Stag Stitch Up that you can arrange for your friend. This is without doubt the ultimate fully Bespoke Stag Wind Up available anywhere in the UK. (We operate anywhere in the UK) This is a whole new level entirely. Its specific to 'Your Stag' Simply tell your friend you are just going for an ordinary Stag Night for him. A bar / restaurant or even an 'ordinary comedy night'... But..... in front of total strangers - your friend is going to be publicly roasted and totally stitched up. Live audience, many people you will not know. The comedian will 'Roast' your stag, until he cant take the heat anymore. We just need all information on the stag to us 14 days before to the event. Its that simple! This is the Ultimate Stag Stich Up!

  • York

  • Swansea

  • Southampton

  • Sheffield

  • Reading

  • Portsmouth

  • Oxford

  • Nottingham

  • Norwich

  • Newquay

  • Newcastle

  • Manchester

  • London

  • Liverpool

  • Leicester

  • Leeds

  • Glasgow

  • Edinburgh

  • Derby

  • Chester

  • Cheltenham

  • Cardiff

  • Bristol

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  • Bournemouth

  • Blackpool

  • Birmingham

  • Bath

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