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Terms & Conditions - (the boring bit)

Comedy Roast.co.uk Terms & Conditions of Booking

1. All Bookings are taken in advance: we require a minimum of 28 Days prior to booking date. We will need to receive information from you about the Roastee. – We require that information 21 days before the event and we will return that to you on the date of the event or prior if required. Please do not send originals of any document you send us – if you are sending us items / articles, this will be at your own risk and although we will, to the best of our ability ensure an items safety it will be beyond our control to guarantee this. If an item is important – please do not send to us! We will base the Roast on what you send us so the better the info – the hotter the Roast.

2. In the Event of Deposits being taken against bookings, those monies are non refundable. All Bookings made from this are also non-refundable (other than in condition 3).

3. In the event of show cancellation (If We have to cancel) for any reason all monies will be Refunded in full or an alternate date allocated.

4. Comedy Clubs Limited use other venues to host their shows, these venues are not owned or operated directly by itself, in such instances the Right to Refuse admission is always final in the favour of the venue.

5. Roasts are aimed at over 18's audiences; many venues that host our events are licensed only to allow members of the public entry if they are over 18. Please always bring suitable ID.

5a. If you are purchasing a script only and performing the show yourself we will send all documents to you by recorded delivery to ensure its safe arrival, please do not re-record or reproduce the script as it will always be legally owned and 'copyright' to Comedy Clubs Ltd and is being sold under a single license use. The information you send to us that we base our writing on will be returned to you with this – Please follow the guidelines in point 1 above.

6. 'Reasonable 'Heckling is allowed and is, to a point, part of this event. However any threatening or abusive behaviour to any of our performers will not be tolerated and may advance to a stage our performers will not be able to continue or we may ask a guest to leave the premises in such instances no refund will be issued (this also covers condition 12,13 & 14).

7. Dress Code - Please come to have fun but do not wear anything that obscures your face completely (only applies to bookings in third party venues).

8. Please do not book this event if you are easily offended or more importantly you feel the Roastee will be too easily offended.

9. Our Roasts are only available from ourselves or authorised agents licensed to do so, if in doubt please call our Head Office on 01202 552163.

10. Most Importantly: Come to our show and have a great time.

11. Website Ownership and Copyright
www.comedy-roast.co.uk is operated by Comedy Clubs Ltd. unless otherwise stated, or obtained from permitted sources all content and images belong exclusively to Comedy Clubs Limited & may not be re-produced in any format without prior written permission.

13. To ensure smooth running and prompt start of the show please arrive fifteen minutes prior t o the agreed Roasting Time.

14. Filming & Photography: Photography and / or Recording of the event (Comedy Roast) is not permitted during the event without prior agreement. These events cannot be recorded and used for unauthorised public performance / distribution or display of any kind. This includes any social media or networking websites. A Comedians is booked to entertain and operate a 'Comedy Roast' for a live performance, this does not include the right to record the show without the express permission of the performer. Certain material used by a performer, (such as a Joke) are often subject to copyright by the performer. Any unauthorised distribution could constitute an infringement. Many Venues will also need to confirm allowing filming within their venue, this must also be sought in advance. For The sake of clarity: If a performer allows recording of his / her work during a 'Comedy Roast', it can never be placed in the public domain unless by this Company (Comedy Clubs Ltd), an authorised operative of this company (or any affiliated company permitted to do so), or the use of the performer himself / herself.

16a. A good behaviour bond may be required from any group numbering Ten persons or more. We may ask for a bond of £100 in cash from a member(s) (Total) of the group which will be returned at the end of the event. This bond will be taken to ensure the group do not cause damage to any fixtures & fittings in the venue & also to ensure that at all times no patrons of the show are interrupted or unable to enjoy their time in our show for any reason caused by continual disruption from another group. To ask for this bond will be at the discretion of staff at the venue. If you are ejected for any reason by staff members from the show you may lose all or some of your bond. We do not want to hold or keep your bond. We want you to enjoy our show and leave happy, we want all our customers to leave happy.

17. please dont get too drunk

Disclaimer: ROAR - Acts & performances are always subject to change without notification, call 0845 Hotline for details. Comedy–Roast.co.uk is a trading Division of Comedy Clubs Limited, Reg no: 5366574.

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